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About us

Akafa Group for Trade, Industry and General Contracting started its investment activities in 1991 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the name of Akafa General Contracting Corporation. With the support of specialized cadres and highly experienced employees, and with the encouragement and confidence of customers, the Akafa Foundation began to grow rapidly in a short period of time, as it was based on well-thought-out policies since the company’s first inception. the group has witnessed remarkable growth and qualitative development to begin providing its services to various commercial and service sectors in the Saudi market to include the sectors of foodstuffs, animal feed, poultry and fish feed, the fisheries sector, the medical sector, the contracting sector, metal industries and the transport sector. . The Akafa Group aims to focus its efforts in enhancing its logistical, administrative and financial capabilities, and developing its resources to achieve self-sufficiency, using the latest specialized programs in its systems and apparatus, and commitment to improving and developing the quality of the products and services it provides, and expanding and enhancing the existing activities through the perception and understanding of customers and realizing their needs.

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